Yoga Radiance
For Beauty, Health and Fitness

The Pure Joy of Yoga

Discover the energy and youthful glow you've always wanted. Yoga Radiance will help you burn fat and increase your flexibility. From the spring warm up through the winter closing sequence you'll invigorate your body, mind and spirit with the power and grace of Yoga Radiance. Includes a special restorative flow -Lunar- a gentle evening series to prepare you for a deep and restful sleep.

Learn from Southern California's master yoga instructors as they guide you through four seasons of renewal. A dynamic series of Vinyasa flow yoga postures will take you to a new level.

Yoga Radiance is offered for a fraction of the cost of one yoga master class but rich in teaching expertise. A full breathtaking 75 minutes of Yoga Radiance. The only Yoga DVD filmed in stunning hi-definition widescreen. Yoga Radiance makes the perfect gift.

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